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man looking up at colorful starry sky, photo by greg rakozy
Photo by Greg Rakozy

Hey there!

Thank you for visiting Boundless Human, a space to explore the hearts and souls of those who dare to do something different to make a difference. They’re the visionaries, leaders and change-makers who make our world a better place.

I’ll be frank—I started this blog to feed my selfish desire to pick the brains of people I admire. While the self-indulgence of this venture is not lost on me, I recognize the value in sharing their stories and wisdom so people, just like you and me, can be inspired to be extraordinary in their own way.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to open a book shop – could an interview on Boundless Human be the push you need?

If you dream of climbing Mount Everest? This could be where you find the courage to do so.

Maybe you’ll finaly tell your mom that it was you who broke the windshield with a baseball when you were a kid, not some stranger in the night.

That’s at the heart of Boundless Human.

If you’re wondering who I am, my name is Jen—I’m a writer, reader, goofball, sometimes-thrill-seeker, but most of all, I’m a human interested in other humans.

Enjoy your stay and please, do come back for more.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, give me a shout at hello@boundlesshumanblog.com.


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